De Stefani contract

De Stefani Contract, a business philosophy based on the extreme attention to detail and excellence of the product.

The company’s vision is determined to work in groups and draw on the experience of all the people who work there in order to meet each customer’s demand.

Research in tune with the changing tastes allows us to offer interior projects always present both in terms of aesthetics and technology, to customers domestically and internationally.


De Stefani Contract, with specialized divisions, hotels, restaurants, residences, professional kitchens is owned and operated by Dima, Massimo and Stefano.

Over 50 years of history between old and new highly qualified management have implemented an approach that combines technical expertise, tradition and spirit of adventure.

Design, innovation and technical expertise that represent the know-how gained through the De Stefani collaboration with the most prestigious national and international architects.

50 years of experience to build a successful future.